La Blitzkrieg a escala 1/144.


10.07.2010 12:01

Mega Diorama CGD para la rampa de lanzamiento de V1 CGD

Nuevo Megadiorama CGD , versatil y a precio introductorio.

1:144 Mega DugIn Diorama Base
- Summer
Introductory Offer USD 70!

This is an 1:144 Mega Diorama "Mega DugIn" from CGD . This set contains one "Mega DugIn" in Summer painting scheme. Diorama measures approximately 12" X 10.5 " (30.5cm X 26.7cm). A perfect display base for your collection of 1:144 airplanes and vehicles. Also suitable for N scale or 12mm scale vehicles and soldiers. (Soldiers, vehicles NOT INCLUDED.)

This 1:144 Mega Diorama "Mega DugIn" features a multi purpose design, with enough space to create a serious battle scene. It includes a dugin emplacement, a farm house ruin and a wide dirt road in the center. A tree adds a touch of realism. A perfect display base for your collection of Dragon or Takara WTM 1:144 tanks.

You can use this 1:144 Mega Diorama "Mega DugIn" to create a regular battle field like the Russian Kursk:

Or you can use the wide dirt road to create a madeshift airstrip:

Or even use it as a V-1 launch site:

You need a lot of vehicles and soldiers to populate this diorama!!

Specially made for 1:144 (also suitable for N Scale models ) Dragon Cando Micro Armour and Takara World Tank Museum series of candy toys. These individually hand casted and hand painted dioramas provide a perfect home for your micro armour collections. Made in Hong Kong!

This diorama is also available in "Desert", "Autumn" and "Winter" painting scheme. If you would like the diorama build in different painting scheme, please contact us after you ordered.


Different house design and tree are included with different painting schemes:


(Vehicles and soldiers not included)

CGD nos vuelve a sorprender con un nuevo Diorama.

Esta vez, se ha realizado partiendo de la necesidad de un area de exposición para un elemento tan grande como el reciente lanzamiento de la rampa  para para las V1.


Basta con unas pocas miradas a esta nueva base para rápidamente verle muchas más utilidades de exposición y creación de escenas, sin duda, una de las bases más versatiles que ha realizado CGD y con la mayor área disponible a mi entender de todas, para poder desplegar un buen surtido de figuras.

 Por supuesto como cualquier otra, disponible en cualquier esquema de pintado o o ambientación que realiza CGD.


Se  puede comprar suelta , o con la rampa ya incluida. ( 70 y 160  USD respectivamente.)

1:144 CGD MegaDiorama Mega DugIn Diorama Base

1:144 CGD MegaDiorama V-1 Launch Site with Diorama Base


Tienda en Ebay.

Combat Group Dynamix



17.06.2010 14:43

Empaquetado del Diorama realizado por CGD para DivisionPanzer144


Rijk ha actualizado en su página facebook nuevas fotos sobre el diorama que me ha realizado, en este caso se trata del proceso de prepararlo para el envío de forma que llegue en perfecto estado-.


Shipping of Large Diorama

The diorama in this photos is the one depicted here:





07.06.2010 18:48

1:144 leichter Waffenträger 88mm Pak 43 L/71 (Ardelt I)

Nuevo vehículo CGD Waffenträger, Versión Kubinka.

El  Waffenträger 88mm Pak 43 L/71 (Ardelt I) se encuentra expuesto en el museo de tanques rusos de Kubinka. Este ejemplar es el único que  sobrevivió en los últimos días de la guerra de los siete que apresuradamente llegaron a realizarse para la defensa de Ederswalder.


Este nuevo modelo CGD difiere pricipalmente en el chasis respecto al lanzado hace unas semanas, y del cual hablamos en el momento de lanzarse,  actualmente se encuentra agotado a falta de empezar a servir prepedidos, y cuyo chasis 38d fue el intento de unificación  a mediados del 44 de los chasis para tanques, en tres unicos modelos, el 38t, el panther y el tiger.

 Sin embargo, el 38t, fue pobremente producido ya en esos últimos meses, cómo fácilmente constatamos por la serie y sobre todo el especial de la serie 16 Jagdpanzer por ejemplo, quedando más en prototipos (como dicho especial) y equipos de pre-producción desesperada los vehículos con este chasis.

 Historia y desarollo del  Waffenträger

Development of Leichte Einheitswaffenträger

( Light Standardized Weapon Carriage)

In April 1944, German ordnance department decided to make any heavy anti-tank gun to be self-propelled because they were too heavy to move for their crew. An order for designing a mobile gun carriage was issued. The basic requirement for the gun carriage was that the gun, either a Pak 40, Pak 43 or F.H. 18/40, had to be able to fire 360 degrees while mounted on the chassis and the gun itself can be dismounted when a fix stronghold was desired. The gun-less chassis can then be used as as reconnaissance vehicle, ammunition carrier, and artillery prime mover.

Ardelt and Rheinmetall amoung orders built the first prototype and tests were conducted.

Based on these tests an improved prototype was produced by Ardelt and Krupp which won the production contract. Ardelt used reliable components of the 38 (t) to construct a non-standard chassis. It was not a standard 38 (t) chassis. The anti tank 88mm Pak 43 it carried was modified so that the can elevate to a 40 – 45 degree angle so that it can double as a field gun as required by the production contract. A contract of 100 vehicles was issued.

In October 1944 German Panzerkommission decided to standardize future Panzer production to use only 3 types of chassis, the 38 (t), Panther and Tiger. Unfortunately the 38 (t) chassis was poorly suited for production by German industries and supply seriously fell short of the demand. A new leichter (light) chassis was redesigned for German production based on the 38 (t) and mounting a new 220 hp Tatra diesel engine. The new chassis was named as 38 (d), also known as Pz. 38 “Reich”.

But before Ardelt can receive any 38 (d) components, it was ordered in mid February 1945 to produce the Waffenträger for the immediate defense of Ederswalder. Seven vehicles were completed still using the non-standard 38 (t) chassis and only one survived the war and is now on display in the Kubinka tank museum of Russia.

If production was not stopped by the end of the war, the mass produced leichter Waffenträger would be using the 38 (d) chassis. Major visual difference to the Kubinka vehicle would be the wider 38 (d) chassis and the addition of a fifth seat on the right behind the gun shield for the fifth gun crew as suggested after the testing of the prototype. The center of rotation of the Pak 43 would have to move further back the hull to allow for the wider gun shield.

38 (d) (Left) vs Kubinka vehicle (Right)



Este modelo ´`Kubinka´` con chasis 38t no estandarizado aún en 38d o Panzer Reich, debido  a la carencia de piezas para montar el Waffenträger con el chasis estandarizado 38d tal cual se requería con las nuevas pretensiones de estandar, es el nuevo lanzamiento que nos ofrece CGD a un precio de 9,9$.

El lanzamiento se ha producido hoy con lo que deberías de tenerlo a la venta en la tienda CGD de Ebay en las próximas horas.


1:144 leichter Waffenträger
(Leichte Einheitswaffenträger)
88mm Pak 43 L/71 (Ardelt I)

This is a new 1:144 Leichter Waffenträger (Leichte Einheitswaffenträger) 88mm Pak 43 L/71 (Ardelt I) from the new Wargame Armour series of CGD. This tank is fully painted in 3 Color camouflaged scheme, weathered and no assembling required.

This model is designed with reference to the only surviving Leichter Waffenträger (Leichte Einheitswaffenträger) 88mm Pak 43 L/71 (Ardelt I) as displayed in the Kubinka Tank Museum in Russia. It is based on the drawings prepared by Capitan V. Malginov who worked with the dimensions of the Waffenträger in Kubinka. If you would like to have a historically correct model, this is the one to get.

For a brief description of the development of Leichter Waffenträger or Leichte Einheitswaffenträger ( Light Standardized Weapon Carriage),
click here

The model is fabricated with state of the art "3D Printing" technology. Highly detailed. Product of Hong Kong.

Not "N" scale or 1:160.

The model is made with a strong and flexible Nylon (Game Grade) material. It can withstand a considerable distortion without breaking, sort of like old Airfix plastic soldiers. An ideal material for wargaming vehicles. You don not have to worry about guns breaking up on your gaming table.
In case you want to do custom alteration for the vehicle, parts can be glued together with Cyanoacrylate based glue or Super Glue. The material can be painted using regular modelling acrylic paints. It is porous that means it actually absorbs paint into the material so under normal situations the paint do not crack even when parts are bend.

To learn more about the material or painting go here.

(Diorama and figures NOT included)

Waffentrager in Field Gun mode.

Waffentrager in Anti Tank Gun mode





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